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Happy Fourth!

Hi all! Summer is in full bloom and I have been as busy as ever working on some exciting web projects.

The Google’s firework display honoring 4th of July,2010 via a complex Rube Goldberg Machine is super cool. Check that out if you haven’t already. Another great example of animations done without using Flash. Just the goodness of HTML 5 and Javascript. I captured screenshots of the transitions and have tried to describe the steps of the complex machine, below:
1. Hit the football

2. Opens the cage

3. Eagle escapes and topples the statue of liberty

4. She falls on an accordion device

5. Accordion device kicks the black-colored bowling ball

6. Heavy ball falls into the bucket

7. Causing a chain reaction with the blue-colored pulley

8. Pulley releases the green-colored golf club and displays the flag of the United States

9. Golf club strikes the hot iron which was plugged into the electric outlet

10. Iron slides off the semisphere its resting on and ignites a rocket

11. Rocket shoots up in the air

12. Releases a rain of red white and blue stars

Have a great Independence Day and/or a great Sunday, everyone!!
By the way, I hit the upgrade button in my dashboard, today. I am on WordPress 3.0 now, woohoo!