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Not just another app store

(Last updated: February 13, 2017)

At CES, Samsung announced their plans of bringing Samsung Apps to the US by Spring 2010. Their mobile store is currently only available in England, France and Italy. What makes this unique from all the existing app stores is that it is not just for mobiles. The applications at this store will be for televisions, printers, cameras and blu-ray players also! You can watch your favorite programs, play games, view photo galleries, tweet and do a lot more from your tv. Here is the presentation video.

Current mobile app stores include Apple’s App Store, Google’s Android Market, Microsoft’s Windows MarketPlace, Blackberry’s App World, Nokia’s OVI Store (the named service is no longer available) and Palm’s App Catalog (the named service is no longer available).

Another store which has not yet arrived in the US is the LG mobile application store. Motorola’s mobile store is also rumored to be launched this year. Their store website was live for a while before they took it down. You can find the leaked pics here.